Our Clients

Our customers trust and choose TIC because we:

  • Address our customer’s needs and provide advice using a pragmatic, realistic approach
  • Offer “End-to-End” services and solutions, such as, supporting strategy development, enterprise solutions and technology decisions
  • Match people and processes to the system that will best allow them to meet their goals
  • Provide our clients and prospective clients with education, not only in the initial project definition process, but throughout the implementation and then on an ongoing basis
  • Deliver classroom or customized training as a core focus because education is a critical tool for our customer’s success
  • Promote an environment of goal-oriented teamwork, family-like relationships and multi-tasking
Our Client Base:
  • Fusion Systems and Services Inc
  • MD Soft Solutions and Developers (Hyd) Pvt Ltd
  • Xell Networks
  • Smartbiz
  • Hyderabad Company Registration Services Pvt ltd
  • Imam Consultants Pvt Ltd
  • Fabulous Homes Pvt Ltd